Employer Resource List

In this resource you can find a collective list of links to websites and documents from various Tool Kits and Employment Service Providers to help in hiring practices, recruitment, and other activities and strategies involved in the inclusive hiring process. 

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Employer’s Getting to Know Tomorrow’s Employee Today

Creating Accessible and Inclusive Workplaces for Individuals with Autism We all have unique strengths, challenges, talents and interests. Individuals with autism and other disabilities are no different. Despite this, labour force participation for persons with developmental disabilities is only 50% compared to any other disability in Canada, and the employment rate for individuals with autism […]

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Ecosystem Approach to Employment and Autism

Working age individuals with autism have the lowest employment rate in Canada at 14.3% in comparison to the general population (92.7%) and other disability groups (45.2%). This significant under-engagement in the labour force demonstrates the need to consider new and innovative approaches to employment to support long-term improved outcomes and overall quality of life. An […]

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