The Parent Experience

Improving Parent Outlooks on Employment Futures The EmploymentWorks program is designed to improve the employment readiness and skills of youth and young adults on the autism spectrum. During its’ development, the evaluation team took the opportunity to learn more about how the programs affect the perceptions and hope for the future that parents have as […]

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Ecosystem Approach to Employment and Autism

Working age autistic individuals have the lowest employment rate in Canada at 14.3% in comparison to the general population (92.7%) and other disability groups (45.2%). This significant under-engagement in the labour force demonstrates the need to consider new and innovative approaches to employment to support long-term improved outcomes and overall quality of life. An ecosystem […]

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Setting the Stage for Employment

What employers value and how to “set the stage” for employment within the home environment “Did you clean up your mess? Do you have everything you need? Did you walk the dog? It’s your turn to make dinner, do you have all the ingredients? If you are parent, you have likely asked similar questions countless […]

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