About Us

Worktopia is a National Employment Network with a shared goal
to change the odds of employment success for people on the autism spectrum.

There is an open invitation to interested stakeholders who are committed to advancing labour force participation for autistic adults
and are willing to share their time, knowledge and talent.

Who should participate?

Broad representation is welcomed and encouraged – network members include self-advocates, family members, employers, service providers,
professionals, researchers, policy makers. All interested stakeholders that support the network’s position statement and share the network’s goal are encouraged to join the network.

The Sinneave Family Foundation and Autism Speaks Canada act as conveners for Worktopia and are committed to supporting the success of the network.
Two key strategic priorities for the network will be to build community capacity and inform policy.

Building Community Capacity

  • Develop and strengthen knowledge, tools, resources and processes in communities that promote successful employment
  • Engage broadly to collaborate on specific actions intended to shift the culture of neurodiversity and employment

Informing Policy

  • Collect and disseminate data related to autism and employment
  • Use data to build a compelling case that influences change
  • Engage in policy dialogue with broad stakeholders

Work of this magnitude requires the efforts and perspectives of many.

A framework has been developed to support Worktopia and is available for for download:

Worktopia National Employment Network Framework -V4

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please call 1-888-733-7976 or e-mail us.