Peer Mentor Experience

Using program learnings to broaden peer mentor recruitment.

Peer mentors play a critical role in the Worktopia Programs as they work closely with participants sharing their experiences, successes and their challenges during the transition to adulthood and on the journey to employment.

Peer mentors oer the presence of a caring individual who provides support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive role modeling to program participants with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are similar in age.  Youth mentoring youth engages young people in supporting others to grow and enhance personal well-being.

More than 88% of the Peer Mentors surveyed said that the most enjoyable part of volunteering in Worktopia was interacting with the individuals with ASD, working with them, sharing experiences and getting to know them. They also commented on their own personal growth, noting that working with the participants helped them to develop their leadership and job skills, while gaining experience working as a team.

To read more about what we are learning and the experience of Peer Mentors who have generously volunteered their time in support of the Worktopia programs, click on the TIDBIT link below.


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Goal Setting & Self-Reflection

Goal setting and self-reflection (including self-instruction, self-monitoring and self-reinforcement) are important skills for everyone on their journey to employment. Students with disabilities who leave school with the ability to goal set and self-reflect are twice as likely as their peers who have not learned these skills to be employed one year after graduation (Wehmeyer & Palmer, 2003).

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